The Making of a Cover

After reading this Lit Hub post on cover design, I thought it would be interesting to share the the process involved in making the cover of the first Doc Vandal adventure, Against the Eldest Flame. The big thing was that I wanted a cover that really felt like it would have been perfectly at home on a newsstand in 1937. That meant no obvious CGI figures or backgrounds; the cover needed a painted look. I’ve put the journey behind the fold because there are a number of images here.

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Launch Day

In another world it’s 1937 and Doc Vandal fights evil along with Victoria (Vic) Frank, Gus the Gorilla, and Gilly Chanter from his headquarters on the 87th floor of the Republic State Building.

That’s the premise of my new series beginning¬†with Against the Eldest Flame.

In this blog I want to share both the adventures I’m creating and their inspirations. ¬†The 1930’s were an incredible decade, and I want to explore it in good company. Welcome aboard.