Giant Robots in Print!

I just finished submitting Giant Robots of Tunguska for print publication. It should be showing up on Amazon in the next day or two. As usual, the paperback will be $9.99 and feature the cover art of Carlos Balarezo.


Giant Robots Are Go!

Giant Robots of Tunguska is now live in the Kindle Store.

When Vic’s cousin appears on Doc’s doorstep, it’s not long before the team is plunged into an adventure that will take them half way around the world on a mission of life and death.
Vic’s reaction to a strange alien mineral has made her the strongest being on Earth. It’s also killing her. Her only hope lies underneath a Soviet labor camp deep in the Siberian wilderness. Driven by a need she cannot comprehend Vic leads the team into a war zone with the fate of the very planet on the line.
Meanwhile, Doc and the rest have to try and save Vic without sparking a world war.

…and what about those Giant Robots?

Don’t forget… The Sunkiller Affair is on the way.

Quick Sales Note

As more of a writer than a marketer, it can be hard to talk about sales and marketing. I launched Attacked Beneath Antarctica with as much of an advertising blitz as I could afford, and then dropped the price on Against the Eldest Flame to $0.99 as a cheap way to get into the series.

So far it seems to be working. My free promotion on Against the Eldest Flame got almost 300 copies out into the wild, and that’s just the beginning. Freebies are fun, but what matters are sales and paid reads.

That’s where I’m actually seeing the benefits. Against the Eldest Flame is selling steadily; the numbers aren’t huge but they’ve been pretty constant. I’ve also been selling copies of both sequels, with Attacked Beneath Antarctica moving slightly faster than Air Pirates of Krakatoa.

It’s looking good, and now I’m getting ready to publish book 4: Giant Robots of Tunguska.

Keep an eye out for it!

Review Request

If you like my books, and if you’re reading this I hope you do, I have a favor to ask: Could you please review my Doc Vandal books on

Against the Eldest Flame is free through tomorrow, so you can easily pick that one up.

The other two books aren’t free, but I have two copies of each book to give away in return for an honest review. Just hit me up through the Contact page with your Amazon account email and I’ll gift you a copy.

Please post your reviews on as those reviews propagate to the other sites, but it doesn’t go the other way.

Why wait? Ask for your free review copy today!

Attacked Beneath Antarctica Release Day!

Today’s the day! Attacked Beneath Antarctica is out in both Kindle ebook and paperback!

An ancient evil lurks beneath Lake Vostok!

When Doc and the team receive a mysterious message from a lost Antarctic expedition they launch a rescue mission only to find themselves stranded in the coldest place on Earth. Their only hope of survival lies in an 800 mile trek across the icecap, and nothing can prepare them for what they find beneath the ice.

Trapped between an invader from outside space itself and a Nazi expedition seeking secrets humanity was not meant to know the team is caught in a race to save the world from threats it cannot understand.

To celebrate this release; book 1, Against the Eldest Flame, will be free on Kindle from August 28-September 2nd, and book 2, Air Pirates of Krakatoa will be on a Kindle Countdown sale from $0.99 to $1.99 from August 28th to September 2nd.