Omnibus and Updates

Here’s a quick update for February. I’ve mostly got the Omnibus formatted so it should be ready for publication shortly. The Ziggurat of Doom is still in editing and I’m about a quarter of the way into The Skyscraper Thief.

See you all in the pulp pages!

Update: Long Time No Type

Here we are, a good few months since I put anything here and long past time for an update.

First: I have a new cover for my novel Price of Imperium, currently available on Amazon. This 74,000 word Space Opera is aimed at anyone who likes the whole “Crashing Suns” sub-genre of heroism in the face of planetary destruction. It’s currently available in ebook, and I should have a paperback ready for launch in the next week or two.

Second: The Sunkiller Affair is going to be available in paperback very soon. I’ve finished my part, and now it’s just waiting for Amazon to finish reviewing it. Once again, it’s going to be $9.99 for the trade paperback, even though this one is the longest yet.

Third: I have finished the first draft of an RPG supplement for adventures in Doc Vandal’s world and as soon as it’s announced I’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it here.