Update On Progress

With The Sunkiller Affair out and selling it’s now time for me to focus on book six. I’m about a quarter of the way into the draft and it’s shaping up nicely, though I’m still at that stage in the story where it hasn’t quite gelled from my rough plan into anything resembling its final form. If I’m lucky I should have book six out by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I’ve sent out my first newsletter, and also done a little bit of promotion for Against the Eldest Flame, which appeared in the June 18-24 edition of the SFF Book Bonanza.

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We Have Liftoff

As of yesterday, June 14th, 2018, Doc Vandal Book 5, The Sunkiller Affair is live in the Kindle Store. It’s going to take a bit of time to get indexed and linked to the rest of the series but it can be reached through the link in this post as well as the cover image on the sidebar.

Join Doc, Vic, and the crew as they try to save the Earth.

Also, for those interested, I should have my first newsletter going out sometime next week. It’s been a bit crazy lately so things are taking more time.

Enjoy Sunkiller while I plug away on The Ziggurat of Doom.

Sunkiller Update

Doc Vandal book 5, The Sunkiller Affair, is almost draft complete. I’m about 53,000 words into it and have three or four scenes to go. It’s taken longer than I liked to get here, but I’m pleased with the results so far.

I’ve also started blocking out the sixth book, tentatively titled The Ziggurat of Doom

Inspired by late night watching of the History Channel, it brings Doc and company into contact with the mysterious Annunaki, and raises questions about the very nature of history itself…


Attacked Beneath Antarctica Release Day!

Today’s the day! Attacked Beneath Antarctica is out in both Kindle ebook and paperback!

An ancient evil lurks beneath Lake Vostok!

When Doc and the team receive a mysterious message from a lost Antarctic expedition they launch a rescue mission only to find themselves stranded in the coldest place on Earth. Their only hope of survival lies in an 800 mile trek across the icecap, and nothing can prepare them for what they find beneath the ice.

Trapped between an invader from outside space itself and a Nazi expedition seeking secrets humanity was not meant to know the team is caught in a race to save the world from threats it cannot understand.

To celebrate this release; book 1, Against the Eldest Flame, will be free on Kindle from August 28-September 2nd, and book 2, Air Pirates of Krakatoa will be on a Kindle Countdown sale from $0.99 to $1.99 from August 28th to September 2nd.

Giant Robots are GO!

As of one o’clock this morning I finished the draft of Giant Robots of Tunguska, bringing it home at 53,839 words. I created the Scrivener document on the evening of February 20th, and finished it in the early morning of May 25th– so it took me three months and five days to write making it my fastest ever novel.

Now it’s planning the next one, editing book three, and looking at the other novels I have in the drafting stages.





Pulling it All Together

As I write this I’m coming into the final stretch on Doc Vandal book 4, Giant Robots of Tunguska. Everyone’s in a bad situation, even the characters who don’t realize it, and it’s time to pull all the threads together.

Some writers plan everything out with a detailed outline so they know exactly what’s going to happen next: I’m not one of those writers. I have a rough outline and I know where I want all the pieces to end up. What I don’t know is exactly how they’re going to get there.

It’s also where I go back and look for any dangling plot threads I need to tie up. This would be a ton easier if I could just stick to my outline, but I can’t. The story I end up with is never exactly what I planned.

However, not knowing exactly where I’ll end up and how I’ll get there helps make the writing fun. It’s like reading the book to find out what happens, only much slower.


Air Pirates are GO!

It’s launch day. Air Pirates of Krakatoa is now live in the Kindle store. It’s been a long slog, over two years since I finished the first draft, but it’s available now.

This was the one that really determined the direction of the series; so much so that I went back and revised Against the Eldest Flame so that it fit better with the sequel. Characters found their own voices and their world opened up.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.